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The Challenge

Programss and services are subjected to the vagaries of the economy, demographics, new technologies, new business models and the ever increasing demands for better services. It is a changing, very competitive, and fast pace environment.

As firms attempt, to “see” ahead, they deal with a great amount of information available which may be unstructured, scattered, unformatted, abundant but most of the times lacking consistency and it becomes a challenge to access it, organize and use it in an efficient and meaningfully fashion.

So, there are inherent limitations to make the best usage of the information captured. The challenge is to harness and process the information in a methodological and analytical way so companies can measure and report what matters.

Data Means helps companies meet these challenges:

  • Vision: Help clients to respond and shape their environment. Be agile and deliver results which allow our customers to harness the process and to look beyond the numbers. This is our Performance Improvement Philosophy (PIP).
  • Mission: Work with our customers strategy, project management, process improvement, technology, systems and people and become Partners in PROCESS EXCELLENCE.
  • Goal: Client satisfaction is top priority, so we aim to meet and exceed demanding expectations.
  • Strategy: Three Critical Factors of Success (CFS)
    • CFS-1 Enhancing Service Delivery
    • CFS-2 Blend Project Management and Process Improvement Methodology
    • CFS-3 Robust Project Execution
  • Plan: Relate CFS to tangible items/actions subject to a metric analysis.

Data Means approach has a nimble, methodological and practical approach to do what it does best: provide “information” required by the customer, in time, on cost and leaving a legacy of trace ability.

Our Project Management approach provides you with the information required and the mapped processes you can continuously reuse as an efficient way to engage new tasks and assignments. This standard is a reflection of our PROCESS EXCELLENCE mentality. Our strategy in brief is:

CSF1-Enhancing Service Delivery

  • Balance the equation of capabilities supplied to match Job requirements

o Right mix of skills
o Background
o Experience
o Analytical mind
o Team support
o Precise components and deliverables of the Job
o Work on the Quality expectation: Scope, Resources, Timelines
o Define the cost/benefit ratio

  • Focus day to day support to a simple metric: delivering customer’s day to day needs.
  • Focus the service delivery to a simple milestone: define, negotiate, agree and monitor levels of service

CFS-2 Blend Project Management and Process Improvement Methodology

Establish the adequate and required tool to meet customer needs within the quality expectation defined and negotiated.

This process will involve the blending of tools such as PMBOK, Six Sigma, and Lean.
The critical activity is the Blend Reality Check-BRC. It assesses and defines the most effective process is established for the project. The balancing between Execution and Control will not consume the best efforts of the people running the project.

In simple words let’s use the right tool to solve the precise problem, be nimble and ensure the outcomes are within the process variation we want to achieve. This is the cornerstone of our PIP.

CFS-3 Robust Project Execution

The Blend Reality Check ,BRC, process will provide the umbrella to define what are the milestones, WBS (6), metrics, Risks, Cost, Quality, Re sourcing and Scheduling.
At each milestone, a quick brief, debrief process will ensure corrections toward the final goal of keeping the project progress within the process variation defined during BRC.

PMBOK- Project Management Body of Knowledge, PMI Global Standards.
Six Sigma– is a business management strategy, originally developed by Motorola. Six Sigma seeks to identify and remove the causes of defects and errors in manufacturing and business processes.
Lean - Lean manufacturing is a generic process management philosophy derived mostly from the Toyota Production System.
BRC -Blend Reality Check – Data means framework that customize other tools within reality of the business performed
PIP– Data Means Process Improvement Philosophy
WBS– PMBOOK , work breakdown structure

*SAS is a trademark of the SAS Institute

*VBA is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation

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