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Data Means has 20 years of combined project management and data analytical experience at your service to support your projects and deliver exceptional value.

Alejandro Jaramillo, President & Founder

Alejandro manages the business operations of Data Means globally. His primary interest is in the process improvement, program evaluation and project design. He likes to take a systematic quantitative approach to projects. He has special interest in the area of of analytical/statistical methods test and control matching methodologies to build impact response models. He is a frequent presenter at SAS* and industry conferences. In addition to his technical skills in SAS* and VBA*, he brings a continuous performance improvement pproach to his work. He has worked with Schering Plough, Sanofi-Aventis, Pfizer, J&J Consumer Products, BMS, Merck Medco and other small pharma companies. He holds a BA in physics from Rutgers University and a Master in Applied Math Statistics from NJIT. He also is in charged of Data Means projects, services and partnerships for the US and Europe.


*SAS is a trademark of the SAS Institute

*VBA is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation

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