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Performance Improvement Philosophy (PIP)

The Performance Improvement Philosophy is our approach to engage in projects using sound project management methodologies with flexibility.

PIP helps clients to:
• Reduced costs
• Improved data related process through automation and the use of best practice
• Maximize project deliverables value
• Gain efficiencies and increase productivity by standardization of process, proper planning, change and control process and execution.

With PIP we help clients complete their projects and accomplish more by looking beyond the numbers. Technology is a tool to address business needs.

    Our services and solutions revolve around the following five simple principles and questions
    Goals What are we trying to accomplish?
    Methodology How we are going to accomplish the goals?
    Assessment Is it working?
    Maximize the value of projects at multiple levels What are the additional benefits and added value of the project ?
    Review What have we learned?

With our methodology clients accomplish multiple goals:

  1. Meet project goals
  2. Gain organizational efficiencies
  3. Establish trust and accountability
  4. Gain flexibility and control to change and manage deliverables

Our PIP methodology to a project has four major parts that are completed through the project cycle in a continuous fashion.


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