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Analytical Enterprise Solutions Implementation & Integration, Interactive Reporting Applications

Desktop Reporting

Lux1.1 is an interactive excel reporting application that displays share trends across geographies, and products. With Lux1.1 your team can benchmark and analyze sales performance at across geographies and competitive landscape.

Desktop solutions ( Interactive Market Share Lux1.1 works with Microsoft Excel Version 2003 or higher to help clients identify sales patterns and opportunities across geographies and competitive land escape.

To Download the Lux1.1 application for Diversity Spend double click at this link Diversity Spent Lux1.1

Data Means will help you build efficient automated processes to aggregate, combine and present transactional data so your business units can view business performance across geographic sales regions, evaluate opportunities.

Interactive Lux1.1 works with Microsoft Excel Version 2003 or higher

Web Enabled Reporting

See how your product is doing against the competitors in a given Geography

Compare how your products are doing against your competitors.

Look at sales at different geography levels associated with your field force organization alignment strategy.

Color flagging for warning. Red shows decrease in current 4 months compared to previous 4 months.

Green shows increase in current 4 months compared to previous 4 months.

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