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What is the impact that your programs are having? 

How can you quantify the return on investemtn (ROI?


Data Means extensive experience in process improvement and impact analysis can help you evaluate and improve the impact of your programs:

  • Social Services Pre and Post Outcomes Studies
  • Program Impact Analysis
  • Policy Research Studies
  • Surveys
  • Social Services Data Collection Consulting
  • Research Based Data Analytics
  • Multi-Channel targeting/ Email, DM and Edetailing

Choosing the right methodology and algorithm to effectively and consistently measure the impact and return on investment from your programs or marketing activities is paramount. Data Means has extensive experience doing test and control matching, and conducting econometric analysis to measure the impact that programs are having in your sales.


  • Know if your programs or marketing activities are influencing your customers. Quantify the value of your programs. Discover which programs give you the largest return on investment. 
  • Establish and measure against benchmarks for program performance
  • Get Results to present to donors and stake holder


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