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Data Means specializes in supporting social services organizations in the areas of program evaluation, impact analysis, Return on Investement(ROI), outcomes research and contineous quality improvement.

Our work is aligned with our client’s strategies and vision to ensure a stable and sustainable road map to achieve goals and objectives.

Data Means supports clients to obtain programs quantifiable strategic and tactical insightss. With our assistance clients are able to measure and improve the impact of their programs..

Data Means Supports Clients

• Drive strategic outcomes, business insights and answer business questions
• Study Design/Pre and Post Impact Analysis
• Program effectiveness
• Define performance metrics and continuous improvements
• Establish a single representation of business true reality
• Integrate and protect data from multiple sources
• Multi- channel targeting

Analytical Areas Data Means Supports

  • Analytics Consulting
    • Developing Analytics Practice
    • Promotion Response Models
    • Segmentation
    • ROI
    • Talent Development
    • Study Design
  • Data Integration, Data Marts, Automation & Validation
  • Reporting Solutions / Reports Automation & Rationalization
  • Master Data Validation
  • Custom Turnkey Analytical Solutions
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